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Diabetic Supplies


Prodigy Autocode


• Speaks in 4 Languages: English, Spanish, French & Arabic
• Stores 450 test results with date and time
• Approved for Alternate Site Testing (AST)
• Standard USB port to easily download test results

Hearing & Seeing is Believing

Prodigy AutoCode® requires No Coding; simply insert the test strip into the strip port and the Prodigy AutoCode®automatically powers on. The Prodigy AutoCode® talking glucometer guides the user through the blood glucose testing steps and speaks in English, Spanish, French, and Arabic. It provides results in seven seconds, has a 450-test memory with date and time, and provides 7, 14, and 28 day averages. The USB port feature is present for downloading your meter’s result using our free diabetes management software. Our meters require a small blood sample, and are approved for alternate site testing.


Arkray Vital

The GLUCOCARD Vital is everything a blood glucose meter should be – fast, accurate and easy to use. A small 0.5 µL sample size in our GO-based test strip platform gives accurate results in as little as 7 seconds. This auto coded meter has a 250-test memory, records 14- and 30-day averaging and is downloadable.



The TRUEresult Blood Glucose Meter is known for its TRUE Performance. It is a simple-to-use, no coding meter. With only a tiny sample size, the TRUEresult meter is able to provide the user with fast results that are precise. TRUEresult meters are to be used with TRUEtest Test Strips, which feature the innovative TRUEfill beveled tip that allows for greater sampling precision.