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LT Tilt Chair

LT Tilt Chair 1

LT Tilt Chair

The NEW LT is the ideal alternative to a geri chair or traditional high back recliner! A cost-effective chair, the LT offers streamlined features focusing on BRODA’s core elements:

• BRODA’s Comfort Tension Seating® aids in long term comfort
and pressure redistribution.
• Smooth, infinitely adjustable seat tilt up to 28° offers
individualized positioning to help prevent falls.
• Unique front pivot seat cradles and enables patient to look forward,
even in full tilt, for socializing with others- enhancing quality of life.

The LT Tilt Chair also offers a lightweight, yet exceptionally durable design to provide ease of maneuverability, whether in tight spaces, or down a hallway.

Offering excellent benefits for both patients and caregivers, the LT helps with improved posture,
breathing and overall comfort.

Recommended for:
• Entry-level nursing care for patients who are non-ambulatory
• Hospice Care
• Hospital/Acute Care
• Home Care

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