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Pediatric Nebulizers

Pediatric Nebulizers 1

Pediatric Nebulizers

The Airial™ Pediatric Nebulizer is an easy-to-use unit with a child friendly design. The playful shape of this compressor will ease your reluctant child's fears, making treatments less of a hassle for everyone involved. The tube attachment area is located on the back of the compressor. Also, the Nebulizer System is compatible with 2 optional methods of aerosol delivery: a child mask, and/or an angled mouthpiece. The included carrying case allows you to pack up all the various components of your nebulizer system to keep them all in one, tidy space.

You must regularly replace this compressor's specific air filter to keep it running in top condition, so consider adding a pack of 10 to your order to ensure it will run smoothly for months to come!


**Nebulizers are covered by most private health insurances with a prescription, contact our insurance dept @ 325.276.3385 to find out if we can bill your private insurance for payment**

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