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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions
Do you take credit cards?

Yes, we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. We also accept cash and personal checks.

Medical Equipment Insurance Questions
Will Medicare cover a Seat Lift Chair?

Medicare will pay 80% of the allowed charges on the Seat Lift Mechanism as long as the patient qualifies per Medicare Guidelines.

My Physician wrote a prescription for Medical Equipment, my insurance should cover this right?

Not exactly, a prescription from your physician does not garuntee your insurance company will pay for the item prescribed. The item prescribed must be listed as a benefit on your plan. This can be found out by having our Insurance Dept verify your benefits and check what your plan covers.

How often may I obtain Diabetic Shoes through my insurance?

Medicare and Private Insurance will allow one new pair of Theraputic Diabetic Shoes and three pair of diabetic inserts once per calendar year.

*New paperwork and face to face visit with your physician is required every year as well.

Will Medicare pay for a Shower Bench?

No, Medicare does not cover any medical equipment in the bathroom.

How often will Medicare pay for new equipment?

Medicare will pay for equipment every 5 years; execeptions to this rule are Supplies and Diabetic Shoes.

Billing Questions
How much will Medicare pay for Medical Equipment?

Medicare will pay 80% of their allowed charges after the annual Part B deductible is met. (Please note the annual Medicare deductible does change each year.)

How does Medical Arts file Lift Chair claims to my Medicare Insurance?

Medical Arts collects the full amount of the Seat Lift Chair you have chosen to purchase upfront. We then obtain a Seat Lift Chair CMN form and Medical Records from your physician to verify you do qualify for reimbursement and for Medicare Billing. Once obtained, the Seat Lift Chair can be delivered to your residence. The claim is filed to Medicare as Non-Assigned, which lets Medicare know that you paid for the Seat Lift Chair upfront and the 80% reimbursement needs to be sent directly to the Medicare Beneficiary.

*This process is done because Medicare does not reimburse the full cost of the Seat Lift Chair.  They only allow reimbursement on the lift mechanism itself and not the furniture portion of the chair.*